Smart Prep Paste


Smart Prep Paste

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Edta Paste With Carbamide Peroxide

Paste For Orifice Detection And Chemical Enlargement Of Root Canals

Basic Ingredients Edta Salts (17%), Carbamide Peroxide (10%), Paste - Forming Agent

Indications for use

  • Detection and Enlargement of Root Canals Orifice
  • Lubricating Dental Instruments at Chemical and Mechanical Enlargement of Root Canals
  • Packaging : Syringe (5 ml), REF 001-02-005 Syringe (25 ml), REF 001-02-025


  • Effective laburicant for endodontic instruments
  • Fast penetration of medication into the canals and microtubules
  • Easily washed away with water