SafeEndo lodoCure


SafeEndo lodoCure

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SafeEndo IodoCure calcium Hydroxide paste with iodoform (Radiopaque), used as temporary or permanent root filling material.

Advantages :

  • Strong antiseptic properties (contains iodoform)
  • Paste is easily removed from canals if necessary
  • Stimulates hard tissues formation in apex
  • Syringe with reinforced plunger,convenient to hold in hand, Luer-Lock cap

INDICATIONS : Paste is used as temporary filling of tooth root canals during staged treatment and as permanent filling of tooth root canals at the final stage of the treatment.

Paste IodoCure is used for :

  • Treatment of acute and chronic forms of periodontitis
  • Treatment of pulpitis, granulomatous periodontitis and granulating periodontitis
  • For Apexification during treatment of tooth root canals with open apex in periodontitis
  • Treatment of cystic lesion and chronic granuloma