Ultradent Porcelain Silane


Ultradent Porcelain Silane

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Ultradent 90-second Porcelain Etch is used to etch porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and fractured dental porcelain. Ultradent 60-second Silane is used after hydrofluoric acid etching to prepare the surface for bonding resin.
Studies have demonstrated that Silane, when used with Porcelain Etch and a quality bonding resin, yields the highest bond strength to porcelain when compared with other porcelain bonding products. Both Porcelain Etch and Silane may be used intraorally or extraorally.component silane for bonding dental cements to prosthetic parts porcelain
Only 1 Application step ,Easy to use and does not change the color of the cement

Etch is easy to control and place
Will not stain composite or resin cement
Silane is a single-component solution
Yields highest porcelain-to-resin bond strengths
Porcelain Etch and Silane may also be used on lithium disilicate (IPS e.max) restorations
High predictability and free from staining risk.  
Its stable formula guarantees greater product longevity.
component bonding agent for indirect prosthetic parts.
Superior bond strength between porcelain and resin cement.

1 x 1.2ml syringe