Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram Intro Restorative Kit @5600


Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram Intro Restorative Kit @5600

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Description: The Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram Intro Restorative Kit is a comprehensive solution for aesthetic and durable restorations. Meticulously designed by Ivoclar Vivadent, a leader in dental innovation, this kit combines the renowned Tetric N-Ceram composite system with user-friendly features, providing dental professionals with a versatile and efficient restorative solution.

Key Features:

Versatile Shade Selection: The Tetric N-Ceram composite system in this kit offers a versatile range of shades, allowing practitioners to achieve natural and lifelike restorations that seamlessly blend with surrounding dentition.

Nanohybrid Technology: Tetric N-Ceram utilizes nanohybrid technology, incorporating a fine balance of nano-sized and micro-sized filler particles. This technology ensures excellent polishability, wear resistance, and long-lasting aesthetic results.

Universal Application: The kit is designed for universal restorative applications, including direct anterior and posterior restorations. Its adaptability to various clinical situations makes it a go-to solution for comprehensive aesthetic dentistry.

User-Friendly Handling: The composite system offers user-friendly handling, allowing for easy sculpting, shaping, and contouring of restorations. Its non-sticky consistency facilitates precise placement and adaptation.