BioActive RCS


BioActive RCS

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SafeEndo BioActive RCS is a bioactive mineral root canal sealer based on innovative mineral micro-aggregate chemistry “Active Biosilicate Technology” that offers.

Advantages :-

  • Biocompatibility: high mineral purity and monomer free formulation reducing the risk of adverse tissue reaction.
  • Bioactive properties: hydroxyapatite formation at the tooth-sealer interface and mineralization of dentinal structure.
  • Alkaline pH.
  • Sealing properties: crystallization of the material inside the dentin tubules creating a tight seal.
  • Retreatable : if a retreatment is needed, BioActive RCS can be easily removed from the root canal.

Indications :-

Permanent root canal filling in combination with gutta-percha points in vital or necrotic pulp cases or after a retreatment procedure. BioActive RCS is suitable for use in single cone technique or cold lateral condensation.

Important :-

  • BioActive RCS does not suffer setting contraction;
  • BioActive RCS can be used, in addition to conventional techniques, in singlecone technique and thermoplastic filling;
  • Use conventional gutta removal techniques.