Meta Biomed NETC Non-Eugenol Temporary Restorative ₹800


Meta Biomed NETC Non-Eugenol Temporary Restorative ₹800

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Description: Meta Biomed NETC Non-Eugenol Temporary Restorative stands as an advanced solution in restorative dentistry, providing dental professionals with a reliable and versatile material for temporary restorations. Meticulously formulated, this non-eugenol temporary restorative offers a balance of strength, adaptability, and ease of use.

Key Features:

Non-Eugenol Formula: NETC features a non-eugenol formula, ensuring patient comfort and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. This makes it an ideal choice for patients with sensitivities to eugenol-based materials.
High Flexural Strength: The temporary restorative exhibits high flexural strength, providing durability and resistance to fracture, ensuring the restoration remains intact during the temporary phase.
Easy Manipulation and Placement: NETC is designed for easy manipulation and placement, allowing dental professionals to achieve precise and reliable temporary restorations with minimal chairside time.
Excellent Adaptability: The material offers excellent adaptability to tooth structures, ensuring a snug fit and optimal coverage of prepared areas for a secure and comfortable temporary restoration.