Kavo Spray Handpiece Accessory - 500ml ₹1399


Kavo Spray Handpiece Accessory - 500ml ₹1399

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Description: The KaVo Spray Handpiece Accessory is a sophisticated dental instrument designed to enhance the functionality and performance of KaVo handpieces. Developed by KaVo, a leading innovator in dental technology, this accessory represents a precision-engineered solution to elevate the dental practitioner's experience during various dental procedures.

Key Features:

Optimized Cooling Spray System: The KaVo Spray Handpiece Accessory integrates an optimized cooling spray system. This feature ensures efficient cooling of the dental bur and the treatment site, preventing overheating and enhancing patient comfort during procedures.

Adjustable Spray Intensity: The accessory offers adjustable spray intensity settings, allowing dental professionals to customize the cooling effect based on the specific requirements of different procedures. This adaptability ensures precise control and optimal performance.