Indoco Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% Local Anaesthetics - Pack Of 24. ₹845


Indoco Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% Local Anaesthetics - Pack Of 24. ₹845

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Description: Indoco Warren presents Lignox, a Lignocaine 2% local anesthetic solution, meticulously formulated to ensure optimal pain management during various dental procedures. Known for its reliability and efficacy, Lignox exemplifies a commitment to patient comfort and clinical precision.

Key Features:

Lignocaine 2% Composition: Lignox comprises a 2% concentration of Lignocaine, a widely recognized local anesthetic agent. This formulation ensures effective and rapid onset anesthesia, supporting a comfortable experience for patients.

Fast Onset of Action: The formulation is designed for a fast onset of action, allowing practitioners to initiate dental procedures promptly. This quick action contributes to a more efficient workflow and improved patient satisfaction.

Precision in Anesthesia: Lignox is engineered to provide precise and targeted anesthesia, ensuring effective pain control in the desired area. This precision is vital for diverse dental treatments, from simple restorative procedures to more complex interventions.

Minimal Discomfort Upon Injection: The formulation is carefully balanced to minimize discomfort upon injection. This feature enhances the overall patient experience, contributing to reduced anxiety and a more positive perception of dental visits.